What's right for you-A simple guide for the skincare newbie

I understand that it can be overwhelming to choose "the right products" for your skin-especially since skincare is one of the fastest growing industries today. Not to worry, here are some things that you can do to ensure you are choosing what's right for you. 

Number ONE: Consider the type of lifestyle that you live.

I vote this as most important because let's be honest, not everyone can set aside 15 minutes in the morning and evening to do a five step skincare routine.-which is totally okay. So ask yourself these questions- "How much time can I dedicate to my skin?", "What type of environment do I live in?", "Am I looking for long term or short term treatment?". 

Number TWO: Think about what your skin is trying to tell you.

This has everything to do with figuring out what skin type you have. Now there are many online quizzes that you can take, but let's figure this out together. First, analyze your skin right now. Do you have any shiny areas(oily)? Do you have dry areas with tightness or wrinkles(dehydrated)? Do you have dry areas plus dullness(dry)? Do you have a combination of any two of these(mix)? Congratulations, now you have an idea of what your skin type is. 

Number THREE: Let's figure out the best solutions for each skin type we went over.

Oily, this skin type can tolerate some oils but I would not recommend heavily oily products. The best products will be water-based. So gel cleansers, gel moisturizers, and serums. Most acids are tolerable with salicylic acid being the best at controlling oil production. 

Dehydrated, you probably can figure that the best products will contain hydration(water). If you have dehydrated skin please, PLEASE so not slather your face in oils. Oils are used in skincare as a barrier-not moisturizer. This means that you will need some hydration on your skin in order for the oils to hold it in(barrier). Toners, serums, overnight masks, and lactic acid will be your besties for life.

Dry, this particular skin type is usually lacking moisture(oils). the skin may be extremely hydrated, but still show signs such as peeling or flaking, redness or irritation. Grab a moisturizing cream with hyaluronic acid to soothe and protect that skin baby. 

There are many other skin types including combination(mix), sensitive, mature, etc. I did not include them. Those will be for another time. 

Number FOUR: Do what is going to cause you the least amount of stress, but will provide you with the right results you desire.

ALWAYS take your time. Don't do too much at once. Your skincare routine does not have to involve 8 steps in order to be successful. Enjoy your self care and your results. 


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